About AIM Mind Training

AIM Mind Training is a proactive performance and health system that creates a thriving student-athlete community.

Many things can take away from the true nature of sport and the ability to fully maximize potential, enjoyment and long-term development opportunities. 

How an individual interacts with the student-athlete experience is only part of the equation.

It's the culture of the community our athletes are subjected too that will ultimately determine potential, enjoyment, and their ability to transition the student-athlete experience into many other aspects of life.

The result is a user that better understands who they are, what they want, the importance of community and how to approach life with a mindset suited for success, happiness and well-being.

● The system analyzes, guides and supports

student-athletes, parents, and coaches.

● Provides a personalized approach to cultivating

an optimal performance environment. 

● Uses cutting edge technology to determine

the strengths, desires, and areas of needed

improvement in each user. 

● User information is kept secure and anonymous.

● User information is used solely to enhance

the effectiveness of the system for that user.

● The system assures each user is working

with the coaches or counsellors that suit individual needs. 

● Creates positive shifts in mindset and leadership

that allow our youth to flourish in any environment.


Message from the founder Kris Beech

Like any athlete, my love of athletics grew as a kid, and my desire to play was driven by pure enjoyment. I developed the greatest appreciation for the game of hockey, and I was fortunate that my skill, dedication and commitment to improvement allowed me to play in the NHL and have a 15-year pro hockey career.  But my experience as a professional was far from always pure joy.

Like any high-level athlete, there was a mix of success and adversity, and as I navigated that experience as a young adult, it became evident I was not prepared to handle the ups and downs in the mental game. I had unknowingly encouraged and solidified some thinking and behaviours that would all but eliminate my ability to enjoy the game I so deeply loved. The support I received from family and others around me helped me to realize I needed to make some changes.

After some personal research and exploration, I found training the mind in the form of meditation and mindfulness played a significant role in making those changes. Consistently training the mind enabled me to shift my thinking and make choices that uncovered my skill and ability to perform at my best and enjoy the game again. This period of my life had a significant effect on how I viewed athletics and helped me understand the importance of a proactive approach to taking care of the mental side of the game.